Frequently Asked Questions

- How did you get into this business?

- What is the strangest animal you have dealt with?

- Those animals are smart aren’t they?

- You’re not going to kill it are you?

- Don’t you love that animal?

- Animals are so defenseless

- People are taking the animal’s entire habitat. Where will they go?

- Are you a member of the BBB?

- Why should I hire your company vs. the others?

- Do you guarantee your work?

Bat work is guaranteed for 1 year and mole is warranted for 30 days.  Other work or repairs are not.  Let me explain. When I remove animals from a home and repair their damage if new animals should get back into the home within a month or 2 years it is not the ACT Wildlife Services repair that is disturbed.  The animal has found a new weak spot on the building to gain access.  I have learned what animals can get into and what they can’t bypass.  My repairs hold up.  Therefore, I will not guarantee another animal will not get into your home.  In the past if ACT repair work is removed or torn out by animals I’ve always fixed it.  But that is Very rare.  Other companies boast about guarantees (1 and 10 years) People love and want guarantees.  Only to be dismayed to hear that the animal has made a new hole and is not under the guarantee they offered.  When ACT Wildlife Services can guarantee what an animal will or won’t do you will need to refer to us as God.  

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