Frequently Asked Questions

- How did you get into this business?

- What is the strangest animal you have dealt with?

- Those animals are smart aren’t they?

No.  Animals are not smart.  If they are so smart why are there so many on the road dead.  They are instinctive.  When God created animals specific characteristics and defense mechanisms were instilled in each animal that was needed for survival.  Deer don’t act like raccoons, raccoons don’t act like beaver, beaver don’t act like skunks, and skunks don’t act like fox.  Each animal has their own God instilled traits and defense mechanisms needed for survival.  They are instinctively God instilled that is not smart that is truly amazing.  

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- You’re not going to kill it are you?

- Don’t you love that animal?

- Animals are so defenseless

- People are taking the animal’s entire habitat. Where will they go?

- Are you a member of the BBB?

- Why should I hire your company vs. the others?

- Do you guarantee your work?