Mole Removal

Trapping is the most effective method of controlling moles.  Poisons, repellents, gimmicks, and poison peanuts don’t work.  Companies that use these products simply don’t know what they are doing.  If you are satisfied with their results by all means use them.  

All About Moles

There is no mistaking mole damage in your lawn or yard.  Mole damage consists of tunnels below the grass, large piles of dirt, or a combination of both.  The bulk of the moles diet is the earthworm.  Moles do not eat plant bulbs or roots.  Moles do not hibernate and are active all year long.  Moles mate in February and may have 2 litters a year.  Moles are very territorial and anti social. Breeding is a quick encounter.  They separate and the females are left to raise the young. Moles are mammals.  Moles are nomads and can pop up anywhere.  Moles go where food and habitat is suitable.  The number one killer of moles is flooding.  
Below is a list of mole myths and lies. 

  1. Moles eat grubs, get rid of your grubs and the moles will leave.  Wrong, moles eat insects, mostly earthworms.  Untold millions in grub control have been sold to unwary customers. 

  2. I’ve got holes in my yard so it must be moles. Wrong, moles do not make holes.  They make tunnels or mounds of dirt.

  3.  I’ve go damage all over my yard.  I must have a whole family of moles.  Wrong, in most average sized yards I catch 1 maybe 2 moles. 

  4. I’ve tried traps.  Traps don’t work.  Wrong, trapping is the best and most effective way of controlling moles.  Those who claim traps don’t work simply don’t know what they are doing.  

  5. I’ve tried everything and I still have moles.  Like I said before trapping is the most effective way to control moles.  Companies that use poisons or repellants simply don’t know what they are doing.